Falcon Marine acquires BaD Cat’s

Leveraging the best technology, using proven innovation, focusing on dependability, reliability, and feature comforts without compromising the quality we take great pride in.  It is the perfect combination providing the very best experience in comfort, safety, stability, performance, and affordability.

In The Beginning

In the 1980’s Matthew McDonald started a career as a product engineer designing automated manufacturing systems.  In 1993 he started his own composites company which provided product development services.  They specialized in closed molded applications, tooling, support, infrastructure, documentation for both municipalities, government, and military installations.

Moving Forward

In 2000 Matthew’s company merged with a major marine CNC mold and tooling company consolidating operations in Florida in 2002.   As president Matt started a naval architecture division and continued to grow and develop the custom contract and private label manufacturing services.

Growing Production

Their innovations evolved in producing structural liners for the GenMar Boat Group, which consisted of molded hulls used on Larson, Glastron, and Wellcraft.  At peak this line was producing almost 30 boats a day.   In other divisions they produced composites for Sea-Ray Boats, truck beds for Ford Motor Company on their Super Duty truck lines.  Other projects included CNC plugs and tooling for most of the major boat manufacturers; such as Sea-Cat Boats, Comet Bay, and manufacturing composite parts for Session Wake Board Boats, Sea Ray, Edgewater, Monterey, Everglades, Vectorworks, Ocean Alexander, and Triton Submarines.

Sailing Away

In 2008 Matt started another company going back to the roots of implementing their own production development.  This entity designed and produced their own racing sailing catamaran which won multiple national titles around the globe as well as several outright World championships.  In 2019 they took their love for multi-hulls / catamarans and combined it with their own composite’s innovations and a new line of production power catamarans known as Falcon Boats.

In The Late 70’s

In the late 70’s Ric Brehmer an under study of Bob Hewes from Bob Hewes Boats established a marine dealership with his wife in Miami known as “Outboard Performance Marine”.  Specializing in patented designs for the inshore and offshore power boats they established the very first full-flotation transom brackets with integrated hydraulics, performance lift pads, and swim platforms which revolutionized the marine industry.

Passion for Boating

With their passion for boating, fishing, diving, cruising, racing, they have specialized in power catamarans that evolved in marketing BaD Cat’s.  These power catamarans were individually custom built for each owner and can run in very skinny draft, inshore or offshore, and outperform mono-hulls in ride, comfort, safety, fuel efficiency, remaining dry, and overall space that is typically 33% larger and roomier when compared to the same length mono-hull.

Merging Integrity

With this unique synergy of Falcon Marine’s technology and acquiring BaD Cat’s will provide the quality without compromising the integrity and value of their Falcon 22’ and 22’ BaD Cat.  Just as important is the affordability and eliminating a production backlog.   No more waiting six to ten-months to get your fishing dream machine and now having it delivered in six to eight weeks or less!